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Vagabond Opera's Vagablog!
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15th-Dec-2010 01:12 pm - Paxton Gate Opening -- With us!
vagabond official logo
Hello Portland!

We, Vagabond Opera, shall help in the grand opening of Paxton Gate on N. Mississippi Street TONIGHT!

The cost is free, and there'll be free food and beer, too -- plus our music!


4204 N. Mississippi Street

More info here!
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Hello DP!

Still looking for something to do on the 30th? Have a rad costume but no place to go? Always wanted to see zombie themed country music AND gypsy jazz in the same night while getting your fortune told? Well, do WE have a show for you!

Two shows, actually... Wanted a place to take your kids? We have a kids show! With balloons at a family friendly show this Saturday at 3pm!!

Cheaper tickets for kids ($7)! Under three are free!

Late night show! Full bar at both shows!

Flyer below cutCollapse )
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The most up-to-date and curious happenings of Vagabond Opera ~ Bohemian Operatic Eastern-Euro Cabaret from Portland, OR.
September is here, as we all usher in the Fall Season!! Our next stops take us to Portland, Washington State and beyond (like our friendly Canadian neighbours!!)

**Tell your family and friends in other cities about our performances so they can share the love**
And now, on with the show....
Upcoming shows!!

* Oct. 13th - Vancouver, BC - Canada
The Wise Hall, as part of the Caravan World Rhythms! With special guest, Maria In The Shower
Show at 8pm & Tix Price $20 adv (Canadian dollars, of course!)
All ages, 19+ to drink
Tickets and info at: http://www.wisehall.ca/

* Oct. 16th - Seattle, WA
Vagabond Opera doing TWO shows as part of the Earshot Jazz Festival at The Triple Door, 216 UNION ST

7:30pm show (all ages!) & Special late night 10pm show (21+)!!

With special guests, the Harlequin Hipsters!... more info also @ http://www.earshot.org/Festival/festival.html

Price: $18 adv, $20 dos -- $2 discount for EarShot Jazz Festival Members!! Tickets at www.thetripledoor.net/

* Oct. 30th - Portland, OR
Come raise the dead at Vagabond Opera's Annual Halloween show..


GET TICKETS (LIMITED CAPACITY VENUE): http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/131844
Presenting two separate shows on the same day - celebrating our ancestors and lost souls of the Night all held in the intimate and mysterious Secret Society Ballroom!


***Early Kids/Family show***
For little Halloween Hooligans and families
$12/Adults, Kids under 10 $7, kids under 3 free
Featuring Joe the Balloon Guy and more!
A full bar will be available w/ ID
Some light snacks will be available to purchase.

***Late night show***
A tantalizing evening of decadence, mischief, and music
9pm -- All Ages!
$15adv/$15 door
A full bar will be available w/ ID

Both shows featuring belly dance by NAGASITA, Ancestor divination tarot by Destina Sinflair, and a sacred interactive ancestor alter space!

Late night show features TWO amazing openers! Up first at 9pm will be our very own Skip vonKuske's project Groovy Wallpaper, which also features Don Henson from Sneaking Out! Following their performance will be Amanda Richard's Zombie Country Band!

Both shows are ALL ages! There is a full bar w/ ID (yes during the kids show...you lucky parents you!)

Mark your calendars! We're up to more mischief!

* Nov. 12th - Ashland, OR
310 Oak St
Ashland, OR
Price: $TBA
More info TBA!! Stay tuned!! -- MORE INFO AT www.culture-works.net

* Nov. 13th - Eugene, OR
Another riotous evening at the fabulous WOW HALL!

Featuring a full evening of Gypsy cabaret and Eastern European dance and music!

With Special guests, our DEAR friends CHERVONA!!
Mixing together taste and passion of the best Gypsy, Russian, Ukrainian, klezmer and Balkan musical traditions, Chervona brings the fire of Eastern European carnivals to the land of America!

This is a Russian Dance Party you Don't want to miss!!!


Also featuring belly dancing and more shenanigans...



Viva Cabaret!

Shows in the future!

* Dec 4th - Portland, OR, The Circus Project benefit concert
* Dec 22nd - Portland, OR, Winter Solstice at Bossa Nova Ballroom
* Jan. 14th - Olympia, WA, Minnaert Center for the Arts
* Jan. 16th - Bellvue, WA - Temple B'nai Torah
* April 14th - Sunnyvale, CA, Sunnyvale Theatre

Special News!

Want to be FEATURED on our website?!

Send us photos of YOU wearing a Vagabond Opera t-shirt and you could be featured on our website! Send us your glorious, your glamours, shots of YOU! Email VagaBlogOpera@gmail.com to enter -- we need both MEN and WOMEN in both our RED and WHITE shirts! So shoot away and send it our way!

Dress to the Nine's (or Tens!) Contest!!

Vagabond Opera will be having a best dressed contest at all of our shows! We'll bring up the best dressed ladies and gentlemen up on stage where you, our lovely audience, shall cheer wildly for your favorite threads! What happens if you win? A piece of Vagabond merch to take home with you for a job well done, you dapper folks, you.

BRAND NEW Vagabond Opera Photos!!

We did an amazing photoshoot with Portland photographer Ben Z. Mund who is also on facebook.

Well, Vagabonds... it was a CLOSE contest, but in the end, there could be only one winner. Well, two, technically. Many thanks to Levi and Kimi who both won our grand prize, for their amazing t-shirt designs. See their winning designs at our t-shirt design site on our website! New T-shirt should be out within the next week or two! Check our website or facebook for more details!

We've also bowed to the ways of public pressure and walked into the modern world! Introducing the new Vagabond Opera Twitter!
Get all the new Vagabond Tweets at twitter.com/VagabondOpera

Street Team!!

Want to HELP Vagabond Opera in your City?
Get on our STREET TEAM and get free tickets and merch at any show!
Post a comment for more info or email VagaBlogOpera at gmail dot com

Be our friend on the web!

Become our friend on the web:

The best way to stay in touch with us behind the scenes! New photos, video and blogs added all the time!

From the desk of NW bohemia, see you soon....!
Vive la revolutione cabaret!
Vagabond Opera
5th-May-2010 11:45 am - New Opera! New Shirts!
queen of knives
Hello Damn Portlanders!

As some of you might know, we, Vagabond Opera, wrote an opera, which was featured in the Willie Week today.

It is called Queen of Knives, and is "Set in the declining days of carnival culture, which coincided with the rise of the various 1960s protest movements, the opera tells the story of a brother-and-sister knife-throwing act who encounter a magical blade, femme fatale and the like in the midst of the student protests in Birmingham, Ala."

However, unlike most other opera, this opera has many things you've always wanted from opera. Such as knife throwing, fire dancing, belly dancing, a bit of vulgarity sung in soprano and tenor operatic vocals, Arab and Klezmer music, side by side, and of course, an opera in English. It is a coloaboration between Vagabond Opera and Wanderlust Circus, with Mr. Noah Mickens himself as our director.

Shows are May 7th, 8th, and 9th, and May 13th, 14th and 15th, with all shows with doors at 7pm (show at 8pm) except for May 9th, when doors are at 1pm.

All tickets are avaliable at : http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/106524


Secondly, we had a t-shirt design contest! And it's close. Oooooh so close.

You can check our the designs, made by our fans, at : http://vagabondopera.com/t-shirt-design-contest/

And email your top three favorites, in order, to VagaBlogOpera at gmail or post them here!


3rd-May-2010 09:00 pm - May News Letter!!
vagabond official logo

The most up-to-date and curious happenings of Vagabond Opera ~ Bohemian Operatic Eastern-Euro Cabaret from Portland, OR. 

Ah, May! What may May bring? Why, our FIRST OPERA, that's what!! Details below!

We also have another RAFFLE and opportunity to donate to our OPERA and win a prize...details below!!

We also just wrapped up our first T-Shirt Design Contest, and the designs are IN and ready to be voted on!! Details below!!

Also, catch us in California, Oregon, and the East Coast soon...

**Tell your family and friends in other cities about our performances so they can share the love**

And now, on with the show....

The Rest Below The Cut! Step Right Up!Collapse )
21st-Apr-2010 11:47 am - A new opera! Volunteer opportunties!
queen of knives
Hello Lovely Portlanders!

We, Vagabond Opera, have an actual opera that we wrote (exciting, I know!)

It's called Queen of Knives!

And it will have many things most operas dont have... such as knife throwing, fire and belly dancing. Oh, and words the Average American can understand... you know, English words? Yes!


We need volunteers to help staff the Interstate Firehouse Cultural Center, as you may have heard, it is shutting down a few days before our premiere. But we don't expect you to work for free. There's a recession going on!... but we also don't have any money.. but we have merch! And possibly more!

Still interested? Good! We will be good posters and put the information behind a cut so we don't bore the opera haters.

Opera Lovers, please proceedCollapse )
6th-Apr-2010 01:29 pm - New Opera Out Now!
whole band
You might be asking telling "Vagabond Opera... I know two of your singers singdoing</i> an opera."

You might also be saying, "Even if you DID do an opera, I hate hearing tenors yodeling off in Italian or German or whatever it is they speak in Old Europe. They also never take place in America, never have belly dancing or fire or anything rad like that!"

Well, problem, solution!

We did just write an opera! And it IS out in May!

Also, it's all in English, we have belly dancers, fire AND KNIFE THROWING.

Our first opera, "Queen of Knives" is premiering in MAY of this year!!

Tickets can be purchased here!

For more information, don't hesitate to ask! We're bring opera back to the masses for a good price and with the best talent... AND FIRE!
23rd-Feb-2010 05:39 pm - New Video!
vagabond official logo
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